About Me

"Currently based in New Orleans, I am a student, blogger and freelancer by day. By night, I'm a high-energy bartender. I currently own my own personal assistant business and am also an experienced traveling model. Additionally, I am the personal assistant of NYC based writer, Kristina Villarini and a correspondent for Cover Look Collection. My blog covers a bit of everything. It's my opinions, trials, tribulations, celebrations and rock bottoms. I'm a spunky girl with a big heart, an overactive brain and sometimes way too much energy. Currently on the path to re-assessing just who the heck I am, what I'm capable of, what I really want, and who's worth it enough to be with me. It's about rediscovery, travel,  life experiences of a natural haired dynamo and so much more. Join me on this adventure, it shouldn't be a dull one."

 A Few Things you Might Not Know About Me:
I was born Alexis Katherine.
My birthday is September 25th. 
I am African American, French Canadian and Native American.
I have worn my hair naturally since June 09, 2010. 
I used to be the General Manager of External Social Communications at a music venue. Yep, I was a bouncer/door-girl. 
Currently living at home with my mom to save some money.
I'm in the dating world and it's a straight up bitch.
I am a travel fiend. I still have my BART card and NYC metro card in my wallet.
Politics - shmolitics. I'm for positive change, not bickering for gain.
My favorite colors are green, purple, blue, and black.
I've been a waitress, door-to-door vaccum cleaner salesperson, an ER department registration clerk and have worked in retail.
I try to eat well, I do. I just really love food.
My favorite deli meat is cracked pepper turkey breast.
I'm easing back into Yoga after a long hiatus. 
Loves: Music, travel, reading, DIY, photography, theatre, web surfing, shopping, interior design and decoration.
Hates: Tension, arguments for no reason, feeling isolated, stasis, failure, paper-cuts, a creativity block and judgement.
Favorite city to travel to: NYC
Favorite snacks: Cucumbers, green beans, hot Cheetos, hummus, Twizzlers, peanut M&M's.
I have family that lives in LA that I love dearly.

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