Something About Nothing

Hey, how goes it? Welcome to the first post of my blog.
I decided to create a new one because I'd like this to be a new start for myself. There's some things I'd like to focus on this year and I think that the best way to do it is to let go of all the bad that happened in the past years. A clean slate.

With a week of the new year over, it's been a bit of a whirlwind, however. Honestly, I started this year feeling like a fuck up:
 My NYE at work started great, but turned tragic quickly. Totally my fault due to an over-consumption of alcohol. I'm just really fortunate to be somewhere that my managers understand. That could have turned really ugly; I feel like an asshole for letting the rest of my team down. I'm trying not to beat myself to hard over it, but I definitely think I'm pretty embarrassed about the whole situation.  Lesson learned. 

Starting classes again in a couple of weeks. Nerve wracking, but I think I'm ready to just claw my way at it and finish. I've investigated CLEP tests and the DANTES tests that are available for me. I think that I could actually pass most - if not all - of the ones that would really help take about a year off of getting my degree. It's just going to take the appropriate planning and conviction to bang it out this semester. I can do this, it's just going to take me being serious about it, and honestly, I'm really tired of this being still over my head. I could have graduated by now. But I slacked off, now I'm trying to do what I can. 
Maybe we have to break everything to make something better out of ourselves   Chuck Palahniuk

On the plus side, I've been working with a writer in NYC. She's great and we are in the process of getting her site ready for the relaunch. Also, I recently picked up an editorial internship, reviewing products, that I think will be great for me. I've wanted to get back into writing for a while now, but every time I try to commit to a blog I give up. I'm thinking that I might try to write for at least 15 minutes a day, even if it's just a blog. I feel like I have so much inside of me that really needs to come out, I think I just struggle with completing my works. I have ideas pouring out of my head, but once that initial idea is out I find it hard to take it to the next level. Or sometimes the topic brings out my emotions too much and I find that I'm left in a puddle of tears with rational thought escaping me. To try to push through it makes me bawl harder. Having to bang out a review in two weeks? That'll help me ease myself back into writing until I'm ready to delve into the deeper topics.

Yesterday, I interviewed for and got another internship with a local fun marching dance troupe that parades often during Mardi Gras. This internship I am really excited about, it's going to deal a lot with costuming, float creation and great, fun creative stuff. I'm looking forward to starting next week and being involved with everything from the Mardi Gras prep down to being in the Mardi Gras parades myself.

I've got a trip planned back to NYC in February. There's a lot I plan to do when I get there. I have quite a few photo shoots planned, but I also want to go to a few agencies, do some exploring, networking, and have some fun. In the past year, having been to NYC about 4-5 times, I have fallen in love with that city. The plan is to go to grad school for interior or costume design there. For now, I'll settle for a 6 day trip.

I think I am going to take it easy tonight. Last night I went out, wound up on Bourbon St and while the first part of it was fun, the end of it was a drama-filled event. As to be expected when you go to Bourbon St. So, I'm off to spent time watching Louis C.K. and doing some pretty lazy things around the house.


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