"Spend eighty percent of your time focusing on the opportunities of tomorrow rather than the problems of yesterday."
Brian Tracy 

I, personally, struggle with being caught up on the past and it winds up hindering me making moves for my future. I tried to explain it to a friend the other day, but when I get into situations where there is something I really want - an internship, a job, a guy; I get nervous and awkward. I think it's because I want it so bad that I spaz. Nevertheless, the end of 2011 - early part of 2012 has brought with it a new, unconventional wave of prosperity and opportunity, and focusing on riding that is a goal of mine for this year.

As I mentioned previously, I'll be heading to NYC next month. But this month has been full of work. Photo shoots, promo gigs, back to working at Loyola as a figure model, extra work, and more! Short of working at Loyola, I don't really 'have a job.' I'm not on the books at the bar, and the rest of my work is freelance. Had I not found and started utilizing oDesk, then I wouldn't have more free time to do other things for myself, like look for really cool internships. It's really dope that I can actually get paid for doing the work of someone else across the country, while I'm sitting around in my underwear. Granted there's no health insurance, but all I need is me and my computer. I think I may dedicate myself to more hours, though. There's money to be made, you just have to work. 

Speaking of work, my first day of interning with the Bearded Oysters is tomorrow.  I'm really jazzed about doing some float construction tomorrow  and costuming on Friday! This opportunity is really one of a kind. I'm going to go into this with everything I have, I just hope I can do the Oysters justice.
On top of that internship, I'm also a correspondent at Cover Look Collection, doing reviews on products. My first two reviews just got published.  SinfulColors Holiday 2011 Collection: Wish
Aww yeah! =)

I am also looking forward to my couple of extra roles that I was booked for yesterday, on the Expendables 2 and Dog Fight.
When I got booked, the casting agent asked me if I still had my curly hair. I felt really special that they dug it so much. It's actually landed me 3 roles  now. I will take it! I'm certainly starting to see the 'type' I'm getting cast for though. Hot girl with funky hair. That, I'll take too. Let's just hope I can land a principle role this year. Eh, not hope, here's to it, because if i have to produce my own stuff, it'll happen. In fact, I have the perfect idea for my first video... 

I really can't believe it's 10:30AM right now. I woke up at 3AM, like that's normal, and have been working ever since. My sleep schedule's so whacked, and on top of that, I accidentally took an Ambien instead of my other medicine, and... nothing. Absolutely nothing. 
I must be Batgirl

Whatever, I'm going listen to Curren$y and clean!
I'm in the mood to do some sort of culinary feat, but we'll see.

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."


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